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Talented Artists & Passionate Investors

In today’s DIY world the responsibility of artist development has shifted away from the major record label and onto the artist themselves. This creates an exciting opportunity for passionate investors to help shape and mold the next generation of stars. Break is an artist development production company that takes an intensive boot camp style approach to giving an artist everything they need to have a real shot at success. 


Our seasoned A&R staff will scout and hand pick a selection of artists for your consideration. We will only present artists that we feel have the ability to make a powerful impact on the world. Breaking an artist requires two key elements: a compelling product and the ability to manage and connect that product with an audience. We mold singers and bands into world class artists defining their sound and image. But, we don’t stop there! Our platform extends beyond the development phase as we guide the artist’s career and utilize our teams in licensing, PR, management professionals, radio promotion, and meaningful industry relationships. These artists need patrons like you and it is our mission to provide them with the tools they need for success. 

As an investor you will become partners with the artist. 

After you recoup your investment, you and the artist will have a 50/50 split on all net revenue generated from their career in the entertainment business for the life of the deal.   These areas include:

Concert Tickets
Live performance fees and ticket sales.

T-shirts, Posters, CD’s etc. 

Personal Appearance & Corporate shows
As the artist attains celebrity status their value increases and will be paid to attend events and hired by corporations to perform.

Sync Fees
Revenue from music placements in commercials/film and TV shows. 

Song Writing Royalties
Money generated from radio/internet/youtube/TV/live performance for compositions written by the artist.

Recorded Music Sales
Revenue generated from digital music sales (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) or third party record deals.

Acting fees (if applicable)

As the artists celebrity status increases so does their demand for Film and TV roles.