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myke terry

Myke Terry spends his time in the up-and-coming neighborhood of DTLA where he feels most at home among the cutting edge culture beginning to emerge. Terry's high fashion, high style sensibility, along with this soulful voice and sometimes challenging past, give his new sound a truthful depth with an edge that can only come from life experience.  Myke's EP, titled "Red Handed" is slated for June 2015 release.

kimberly henderson

Kimberly Henderson took the Internet by storm with her breathtaking lullaby cover of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know." After whirlwind few weeks of viral fame, Break founders Jay Levine and Sophie Dupin worked with Kimberly to write her first single, 'Tiny Hearts', a ballad about Kimberly's experiences as a single parent. Break was thrilled to be apart of Kimberly's dream, and an experience that will hopefully encourage other musicians to never abandon their passions. Kimberly continues to write and perform, and hopes her music will connect with other parents, especially single moms.

  INSTAGRAM  [in development]

INSTAGRAM [in development]

girl named dave

Artist/songwriter Girl Named Dave, born Morgan Purdin in Washington state, grew up on an Island off the west coast of Canada. As the girl who wore tiaras to kindergarten she quickly evolved into a lipstick stained, cigarette smoker, singing songs about breaking hearts in the girls bathroom. Morgan adopted the nickname “Dave” due to her raspy, low voice. Never seen without the dirty pack of boys she grew up with, Girl Named Dave spent her days dreaming and writing of brighter things. Girl Named Dave’s debut EP "Shitty Kid Committee embodies true life tales of Dave’s continent hopping, couch swapping life. Her influences include ACDC, Die Antword and Atmosphere, and she’s ready to break into the music scene by force if necessary.



catey shaw

Catey’s music speaks to the new and ever-changing patchwork of the American story. Her thoughtfully playful yet empowering lyrics imbue a sense of patriotism yet carry a subtly sarcastic, compassionate criticism of a flawed ‘system.’ Her passion for music and message is reminiscent of the musings of such iconic musical legends as Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin, John Lennon and Bob Dylan.Catey is currently in the studio working on her next EP, which is slated for release in the summer of 2015

 [in development]

[in development]


Loren Kircher is a 15 year old singer/songwriter from Petoskey, Michigan.  At a young age, Loren began exploring the art of writing music. Driven by curiosity and a determination to learn, Loren taught herself classical piano by watching youtube videos, and continued her study of piano with a classical piano teacher.  Loren's haunting voice expresses a depth way beyond her years, and her seemingly soft singing style has an intensity that can only come from someone born with an innate understanding of music. Combining a modern pop sound with depth and authenticity, Loren has created a debut EP that truly express the young, smart female who cares to look a little deeper.




BRIX is a singer/songwriter who's angelic voice and girl-next-door looks compliment her soaring and sometimes haunting melodies. At the age of 18 with her piano in tow, BRIX made her way to NYC where she attended Pratt Institute, studying Art Direction by day and playing clubs on the Lower East Side by night. She honed her song-writing skills and eventually with the help of her collaborator Jay Levine, crafted a vocal sound that inspired a body of work that will make up her debut EP slated for release this summer on Break Entertainment.


Julian Soto was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where he started his earliest hobby of making friends out of strangers. Growing up in church and listening to gospel and contemporary Christian music helped him identify an early love of music.  Other initial influences include John Mayer,  John Legend, Aretha Franklin, and Mariah Carey. A Student of Laguardia High School for the Performing Arts, Soto began developing his vocal skills through a middle school talent program which lead him to start playing guitar and writing his own music

today kid

Jay Levine is a music producer and song writer who's discovered multi-platinum artists such as Fefe Dobson, Susan Cagle, Prozzak, and The Philosopher Kings. He has written and produced songs for over 20 feature films, and has written singles for Miranda Cosgove (ICarly) and Elizabeth Gillies (Victorious) and more.  His latest project, Today Kid, has been featured in Reebok, Best Buy,, Verizon, and Benjamin Moore commercials.