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Writing with Kimberly Henderson

Sophie Dupin

About 3 1/2 weeks ago, We saw this video.  A mother, in the middle of the night, singing to her baby in the kitchen as she falls asleep.  We were instantly blown away by Kimberley's voice and incredibly moved by this rare and raw moment captured between a mother and baby.  We weren't the only one - this video resonated with the entire world.  23 million views later, and everyone was talking about this video.  Yahoo, Good Morning America and so many other press outlets felt the same way we did - struck by this single mother who dreamed of being a singer.  She had never even left South Carolina!  

We were so moved that we decided to team up with Cosco Kids and fly her out to LA to write a song together and give her the experience of recording in a real studio.  A week later, we released her debut single "Tiny Hearts", co-written by Kimberly and Break partners!  Stay tuned, to follow, a documentary video of her trip to LA and music video for the single.  Also, a special thanks to Cosco Kids, Pollution LA, Magic Beans and all the people involved in making this trip a reality. 

LOVE // Sophie Dupin, Jay Levine. & the BREAK team