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Loren in big sky, montana

Sophie Dupin

We just got back from shooting two music videos for Loren's two upcoming singles "Echo" and "Broken Telephone" off her debut EP, The Dare. Thanks so much to our amazing team: Director Susie Francis, Cinemetagrapher Cristina Dunlap, Producer Meg Schmidt, Executive Producer (Pollution) Asher Brown, 1st AC/Gaffer & Grip Matt Reed and Steadicam Op Jose Babcock.

Being a teen is rocky terrain and there's no better place to explore it than small town Montana. In Broken Telephone we followed a charming outsider as she overcomes negativity from the world and from within. We filmed at a local high school, and the intimate narrative evokes a nostalgia for a powerful time where adolescent confusion and pain serve as a universal right of passage. 

Echo featured Loren in the woods of Lone Mountain Ranch, with a dark and immersive one shot debuting artist Loren walking through a lonely moonlit forest. Loren's mysterious performance is a hypnotic meditation into the tracks lyrics that confront fear, loss and avoidance.

Check out some photos from the shoot below!